The Greater Hampton Roads TGA Ryan White Part A HIV/AIDS Program provides funding to the organizations listed below.

In order to see if you are eligible to access these services, please contact the respective agency.

To download a list of Service Providers in the Norfolk Transitional Grant Area (TGA), click here

Planning Council

Medical Case Management

Early Intervention Services

Health Insurance Premium and Cost Sharing

Mental Health

Pharmacy Program / Drug Reimbursement

Hague Pharmacy at the Medical Tower, 400 Gresham Drive, Norfolk, VA 23507 (757) 622-0222

Outpatient Ambulatory Health Services

Substance Abuse

Norfolk Community Services Board, 7460 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA 23510 757-664-6670

Medical Transportation

Emergency Financial Assistance

  • EVMA-C3ID, 825 Fairfax Ae., Suite 572, Norfolk, VA23507 (757) 446-8989 MCM; 757-446-8999 OAHS​​​​​​​

Non-medical Case Management

Food Bank / Home Delivered Meals

Referral for Health Care / Supportive Services